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6 Reasons You May Need IV Hydration Therapy

6 Reasons You May Need IV Hydration Therapy

Many cutting-edge therapies that improve the way we look and feel are first adopted by celebrities. Stars and athletes need to function at their best for long periods of time, and they have the means to experiment with “biohacking.” One popular hack to bolster energy, nourish their skin, and improve health is intravenous (IV) hydration therapy. 

An IV hydration therapy session is relaxing and rejuvenating. While you simply relax in a treatment chair, a medical professional inserts a thin needle in your arm that’s attached to an infusion of fluids. The hydration goes straight into your bloodstream, where it circulates and nourishes every organ and cell in your body.

If everyone from Adele to Chrissy Tiegen regularly hooks themselves up to IV infusions of hydration, does that mean that this therapy is out of your reach? Luckily, it isn’t. IV infusions are a cost-effective way to feel like you’ve been on a long vacation, even though a restorative session takes less than an hour in most cases.

At Blake GI Med Spa Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our expert medical professionals recommend IV hydration therapy to help you recover from an episode of dehydration and to give your cells a boost. As overseen by our founder, James Blake, DO, our IV hydration therapies may be just the remedy you need. 

Following are six common reasons why you could benefit from IV hydration.

1. You’ve been flying around the country… or the world

Now that lockdown is over, you may be traveling more than ever for business or family. The controlled atmosphere in airplanes, however, sucks the moisture from your skin and the rest of your body, too.

About half the air that circulates in an airplane cabin is pulled from the air outside the plane. Unfortunately, air at high altitudes has almost no moisture in it. That’s why you often have a dry, scratchy throat or nose after flying. Your skin may look lackluster, too.

2. You’re exhausted

If you feel tired all the time, you may need more sleep. You may need better food. But you also may need more hydration.

One of the first symptoms of dehydration, in fact, is unexplained fatigue. Your body is composed of anywhere from 55-78% water. When there isn’t enough water in your body, none of your cells can function the way they should, and every organ has to work harder. No wonder you’re fatigued!

3. You get headaches or migraines

Your brain is composed of about 73% water. The fluid in your brain helps you create hormones and the neurotransmitters you use to communicate with your organs, including the brain itself. 

Even being mildly dehydrated can cause a headache. If you tend to get migraines, it’s more important than ever to stay adequately hydrated to avoid triggering an attack. Other signs that dehydration is affecting your brain function are symptoms such as lightheadedness and dizziness.

4. You’ve been — or are — ill

An acute illness, such as the flu, may cause your body to become dehydrated, especially if the infection led to diarrhea or other symptoms that deplete your cells of water. As part of your recovery, an IV infusion can restore your cells and organs with fluids.

An IV infusion also helps you deal with chronic illnesses, including inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) that may stress your body. The fluids from an IV infusion replace those lost to diarrhea or can help ease constipation by providing more moisture in your stool. 

Sufficient hydration helps you better manage the physical trauma caused by chronic illness. Hydration also controls the inflammation that may trigger it.

5. You’re hungover

Alcohol is a diuretic, so if you’ve overindulged, you may feel the pain the next day. The typical symptoms of a hangover — headache, nausea, and aches and pains — are also typical symptoms of dehydration. An IV infusion not only alleviates the symptoms of a hangover, but it helps your body detox from the alcohol, too.

6. You work out a lot

Of course you should stay hydrated before and after a workout by drinking plenty of water. However, your water bottle may not be enough — or sufficient — to restore your muscles after a taxing workout. An IV hydration session soothes strained muscle fibers to minimize post-workout aches and pains.

An IV infusion is a safe and effective way to hack your health and stay in optimum shape. To find out how regular IV infusions can transform your life or to use an IV infusion to recover from a stressor, call our friendly staff or fill out our online form.

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