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Check Out Our New Holistic Concierge Internal Medicine Program

Check Out Our New Holistic Concierge Internal Medicine Program

Frustration with our current healthcare system affects everyone from patients to doctors. When the focus is on volume of care, instead of quality of care, everybody suffers. In addition, conventional medicine tends to focus on one symptom or organ system at a time, instead of viewing the body as a holistic, integrated whole.

Our team at Blake GI Med Spa Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, takes a different approach: We understand that anything that goes on in one part of your body affects the rest of you, too, including how you feel and function. 

We also don’t separate mind from body or from spirit either. Instead, our practice emphasizes an integration of this powerful trilogy of mind, body, and spirit to increase overall health. That’s why we offer holistic concierge internal medicine services to select patients.

Under the guidance of our expert medical professionals, James Blake, DO, Carmen Sandridge, you get personalized care that helps you make healthier choices, choose preventive therapies, and thrive. We help you focus on maintaining and optimizing your health over the long term and provide continuity of care.

You get care and answers when you need them

Why wait for days, weeks, or months for an appointment when you need care? With our holistic concierge internal medicine services, you have access to your doctors and our team whenever you need it. For a flat annual fee, we offer up to eight appointments per year with your doctor. Individual services may be billed separately.

We also give you a 24/7 direct line to your dedicated doctor, so you can get test results and interpretations in a timely fashion as well as make appointments for the next day. We can give you this direct access because with holistic concierge internal medicine services, you don’t have to go through a third party. 

We don’t accept insurance for concierge services. That means you never need someone else’s “permission” for a consultation or treatment.

Our 24/7 access and next-day appointments also mean that you can usually skip the urgent care centers or emergency rooms. Call us when you need us; we’ll be there for you.

You’re viewed as a whole, not as a bunch of parts

Although conventional medicine has helped humans live longer and better than ever, most specialists focus on one organ system at a time. You see a cardiologist for your heart, a pulmonologist for your lungs, and a podiatrist for your feet. But all of these discrete body parts are also related to one another.

As osteopaths, we receive the same intense medical training as conventional doctors. The difference is, we view you — and treat you —holistically. 

We consider how each organ system affects your whole body and the totality of your symptoms. Our focus is on your neurological, musculoskeletal, and circulatory system and how these affect every aspect of your wellbeing. We may still refer you to specialists, as needed, but our focus is on all of you, not just the one part that “hurts.”

For instance, if your feet are numb, the problem may be because of problems in your cardiovascular system or with your nerves. And the health of your nerves and cardiovascular system may actually originate from problems in your gastrointestinal tract.

We love your guts

As a gastroenterology specialty practice, we’re especially interested in what’s going on in your gut and how that affects your overall health. If you have a healthy gut filled with beneficial bacteria (i.e., a healthy microbiome), then you have energy enough to get through your day, accomplish all of your goals, and more. 

If your gut isn’t healthy, you’re more likely to develop disease and experience fatigue or brain fog. Inflammation in your gut can even affect the health of other organs, including your heart and brain.

As part of your concierge experience, we may recommend gastroenterology treatments, when necessary, and also improve your general wellbeing through proper diet and exercise. With our guidance, you make healthier food choices that not only feed your body, but also the cells that make up and fuel your body. And the good bacteria that fuels your cells.

We also offer an optional gastroenterology add-on concierge service. This includes two appointments per year with our gastroenterologist, which may be extremely helpful if you have chronic problems with your digestive tract, including chronic constipation or diarrhea or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

We go beyond medicine

Because we view you holistically, our concierge services and add-ons can include anything and everything you need to optimize your health throughout every stage of life. In addition to treating and managing any symptoms you may have, we may recommend:

We also help you avoid serious illness through cancer screenings, including Holistic Colonoscopy (kept comfortably awake with nitrous oxide gas; you can even drive yourself home!).

If you’re ready for a healthcare experience that views and treats your whole body and all of your symptoms — without waiting in long lines or for permission from an insurance company — contact us about holistic concierge internal medicine services today. Call our friendly staff, or fill out our online form.

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