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Resolve to Lose Weight Quickly and Safely with Minimally Invasive Smartlipo

Resolve to Lose Weight Quickly and Safely with Minimally Invasive Smartlipo

You eat a healthy diet, and you exercise as much as your sleeker friends do, yet you have extra “curves” that they don’t have. If you’ve been frustrated by areas of fat on your body that haven’t responded to aerobics, weightlifting, a healthy diet, and more, it isn’t your fault. 

You probably have more fat cells in certain areas — such as your abdomen, thighs, and arms — than your thinner friends do. In short, your genes are why your jeans don’t fit the way you’d like. 

If you want to re-shape your figure to match your ideals, rather than your DNA, our expert medical professionals at Blake GI Med Spa Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, recommend a Smartlipo® laser body-contouring treatment. James Blake, DO, and our team help you achieve your final weight loss goals quickly, safely… and without a major procedure.

Smartlipo is smarter than lipo

Traditional liposuction, which first gained popularity in 1982, is an invasive plastic surgery procedure that literally sucks excess fat out of your body by breaking it up with a hollow tube, called a cannula. Though liposuction is an effective “one-and-done” treatment that immediately removes your fat in a single session, it has some drawbacks.

Liposuction requires fairly large incisions so that your doctor can manipulate the cannula to break up the fat and then vacuum it away. They must also first inject you with a saline solution that helps to dissolve the fat cells.

After liposuction, you may need to wear drains over your incisions to help remove excess fluid and prevent swelling. You might also need to wear compression garments and avoid normal activities for the first few weeks of healing. Smartlipo doesn’t require that you do any of that.

Smartlipo is smarter than freezing 

You may have heard about totally noninvasive body-contouring techniques that let you sculpt off inches without any type of surgery or incision. Although using topical heat or cold to disrupt the function of fat cells may be an effective way to trim inches from your figure, you need a lot of patience. And a lot of faith.

During each noninvasive cold or heat treatment, your aesthetician can only remove about 25% of your unwanted fat. You need a series of treatments, and it takes months to find out if you’ve gotten the results you want. After waiting this long to achieve your ideal shape, do you really want to wait more?

Smartlipo is one-and-done, fast, and safe

Smartlipo has advantages of both traditional liposuction and the heat-and-cold methods. Smartlipo is minimally invasive — just one small incision is necessary. Our expert then inserts a very thin cannula, which destroys excess fat cells with laser heat. 

Your aestheticians don’t have to traumatize your tissue with the cannula to break apart the fat; the laser fiber does it all. Your expert siphons away the excess fat through that same thin cannula.

The thermal energy from the laser also stimulates collagen in the skin in the treatment area. Over time, your skin grows tighter, smoother, and firmer so that you aren’t left with loose skin after you lose the fat.

Smartlipo melts off inches 

After Smartlipo, you see a dramatic difference in your measurements, your shape, and the way you fit into your clothes. Smartlipo trims inches from and reshapes trouble areas, such as:

After your procedure, you don’t have to wait or hope for your results: You see them. You can even measure them. 

You may be slightly swollen or sore after Smartlipo, but you return to your normal activities within a day or two. No need for drains, downtime, or compression garments.

Take control of your figure today by trimming away unwanted fat without downtime or months of waiting. Book your Smartlipo session by calling our friendly staff or filling out our online form.

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