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What Does a Holistic Colonoscopy Entail?

What Does a Holistic Colonoscopy Entail?

The American Cancer Society recommends regular colon cancer screenings after age 45 for anyone who’s at average risk for colon cancer. The gold standard for detecting colon cancer in its earliest stages is a colonoscopy, in which a miniature camera and light are threaded through your intestines to look for tumors and precancerous changes or other abnormalities.

Many people avoid or delay having a colonoscopy because they’re worried about the health effects of anesthesia, or they don’t want to suffer through the hours of taking laxatives before the procedure. That’s why our medical experts at Blake GI Med Spa Services offer holistic colonoscopies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

What happens when you get a holistic colonoscopy, and how does it differ from a traditional colonoscopy? The following guide provides the answers. 

You don't spend all day drinking laxatives

One of the most unpleasant aspects of traditional colonoscopies is the need to drink large amounts of fluids with laxatives the day before your procedure so that your colon is free of all fecal matter. The laxative drinks tend to be quite salty, and you must be near a bathroom while taking them.

In contrast, when you come for your holistic colonoscopy, we clean your colon for you in an hour or less. We use a state-of-the-art procedure called a Colon Hydro Cleanse (CHC). CHC is a type of enema that uses ultraviolet-treated water to flush out fecal matter from your colon.

After limiting yourself to a liquid diet the day before your holistic colonoscopy, you come to our office about an hour before your procedure so that we can thoroughly cleanse your colon with CHC. Cleansing with CHC is so thorough that you’re unlikely to need a repeat colonoscopy because of poor prep. 

Holistic colonoscopy is fast

Once you’ve been thoroughly prepped and cleansed, the procedure itself is simple and fast. First, you inhale a form of nitrous oxide called Nitronox™. You won’t need injected sedatives and won’t fall asleep during the procedure. Instead, Nitronox — like nitrous oxide aka laughing gas — makes you feel relaxed and calm.

While you lie comfortably and calmly on the exam table, we insert a miniature camera with a light through your anus and gently push it through your colon to examine every curve and fold. We look for abnormalities or tumors that could indicate the presence of colon cancer.

The images from your colon are transmitted by the camera to a video monitor, so we can see what your colon looks like and identify any areas of suspicion. If we come to an area that could be cancerous, we perform a biopsy of the suspicious tissue.

We also remove any polyps we find during your exam. Although polyps are usually benign growths, they may turn cancerous if they aren’t removed. We send any biopsies and polyps to a lab, so they can be evaluated for the presence of cancer cells.

You aren’t sleepy afterward

Though Nitronox keeps you relaxed and pain-free during your holistic colonoscopy, you won’t feel groggy after your procedure. In fact, after Nitronox, you’re safe to drive yourself home, which you could never do after anesthesia or a sedative. Nitronox also doesn’t have any of the risks of sedatives and intravenous anesthesia, including pulmonary or cardiac events. 

Take charge of your health by scheduling your holistic colonoscopy today. Find out if you’re a candidate by calling or using our online form to book a consultation.

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