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Holistic Concierge Internal Medicine


We would like to share information regarding our new service. This is to provide you with quality healthcare that is affordable and accessible. Everyone wants to eliminate the “worry” of seeing your physician in a timely manner. Our “Holistic Concierge Internal Medicine Service” is the answer. Click here or scan the QR code below for an application for membership!!! Start January 2022 a HEALTHIER YOU!!!!


Holistic Concierge Internal Medicine Perks/Benefits


*African American Female Internal Medicine Specialist

*African American Male Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology Specialist

*Guaranteed Appointments when desired (max 8/year)

*Appointments within 24 hours of request

*No delays in scheduling your Annual Physical when desired

*Avoid/Eliminate ER visits for “none emergency” issues; done because unable to see primary physician when needed

*Personalized quality of service

*Membership eliminates any exchange of fees when you arrive to the office

*Access to communicate with your physician 24/7

*Continuity of care- eliminates excessive change in providers

*No issues reaching live staff


Options Available for Concierge Gastroenterology to Complement Internal Medicine

*Gastroenterology consultations and procedures (as warranted) without weeks/months to get an appointment

*2 consults per year

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