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Colon Cancer Screening By Colonoscopy


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Colon Cancer Screening by the “Holistic Colonoscopy”

“Colon cancer” is recognized to be the second leading cause of “cancer deaths”. It is also recognized to be preventable by merely having a “colonoscopy”.

The “colonoscopy” is a simple procedure that can routinely be performed in 10 – 15 minutes. Rarely will the procedure require a longer period of time directly based on whether polyps are found that require removal. The removal of polyps is what prevents “colon cancer”.

The American Cancer Society (ACS), the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG), and the United States Services Preventive Task Force (USPSTF) all now recommend that initial “colon cancer screenings” began at age 45, regardless of race or gender.

The colonoscopy requires the complete and thorough cleansing of the colon by drinking a solution that initiates a purging of the colon of the fecal waste that resides in the colon. At BLAKE GI MED SPA SERVICES, we have an ideal alternative to drinking prep solutions. The alternative is the “Colon Hydro Cleanse” (CHC).

The “Colon Hydro Cleanse” (CHC) is a uniquely designed “high enema” utilizing ultra-violet treated water that thoroughly cleanse the colon in approximately 35 - 40 minutes! The patient presents to our state of the art ambulatory surgical center one hour before the scheduled colonoscopy to receive the CHC. The success rate of the CHC is approximately 95% compared to 75 – 80% for oral (drinking) prep. As a result less likely to require a repeat of the colonoscopy due to retained fecal mix.

Other methods for screening also exist beyond the colonoscopy: the “Cologuard Colon Cancer Test” with a “flexible sigmoidoscopy” (performed at our gastroenterology practice); and the “CT Colonography” (a radiological study; being performed less frequently; it’s less sensitivity to finding polyps). The Cologuard test + the Flexible sigmoidoscopy has a 92 – 95% sensitivity and specificity.

The preferred gold standard is the “colonoscopy”. Blake Gastroenterology is now offering the “Holistic Colonoscopy”, which is done without IV Sedation (no Propofol – the Michael Jackson Drug)! Done with use of NITRONOX (nitrous oxide gas + Oxygen). You can DRIVE YOURSELF HOME after the colonoscopy! Call Today for your appointment!

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