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The Colon Hydro Cleanse


The Colon Hydro Cleanse

The “Colon Hydro Cleanse” (CHC) is the procedure we offer to remove the fecal waste from the colon. It utilizes ultra-violet treated warmed water (very comfortably relaxing) as a “high enema”. It is performed in our state of the art “spa cleansing suites”.

The “CHC” is used for prepping the colon for the colonoscopy and for the “well-being cleanse”. We have found, dating back to our first use (October 2013), it has become the preferred alternative to drinking the prep for the colonoscopy. For the colonoscopy, the patient presents to our state of the art ambulatory surgery center approximately one hour before the scheduled colonoscopy. Our GI technician performs the thorough cleansing for the colonoscopy procedure. The “well-being cleanse” is more of a private relaxing experience along with your preferred genre of music.

The “well-being cleanse” is something we recommend to adults to have every 3 months or more often for individuals with issues of constipation.

The cleansing of the colon is as beneficial as the bathing of the body, but obviously not required as frequently. It’s just as beneficial as the “annual chimney sweep” for the chimney of the fireplace in your home. It is the most ideal procedure to help maintain colon health!

It has also proven to be a stress reliever by releasing the natural “endorphins” (euphoria or emotional feel-good producing enzymes) found in the brain!

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