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James Blake, DO

Gastroenterologist located in Philadelphia, PA


About Dr. Blake, DO

James Blake, DO, is excited to be a part of the team at Blake GI Med Spa Services, located in  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Blake is a native Mississippian—born in Columbus and raised in Clarksdale. He is a graduate of the University of Mississippi, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and zoology. He then attended Medical Technology School (N. MS Medical Center), and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM).  He completed his internal medicine residency and his gastroenterology fellowship at the Hospital of PCOM.  He is board-certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology.  

He is the owner of Blake Gastroenterology Associates, LLC, Mt. Airy Ambulatory Surgery Center, and Mt. Airy Anesthesia Associates in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been in private practice for twenty-six years. He is also a health policy fellow (Ohio University/NY Institute of Technology). He has served on the Alumni Board of Directors of both PCOM and the University of Mississippi. He has also served on the Board of Trustees for PCOM. He lectured for 22 years at PCOM in the department of gastroenterology and is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor for PCOM. He’s dedicated to having an impact in the community to prevent colon cancer &/or detect colon cancer in its earliest stage (increased potential for cure).

>His number one desire is to inspire young people, particularly of African heritage, to believe all things are possible with hard work, dedication, confidence in self, and faith in God.